Our products, features and technologies are part of the service you buy from Universe Design. They're what you use to help
build your own business, and as such, we continually work to improve and develop them to make sure they meet and exceed
your expectations. We aim to deliver a pricing structure that meets the balance between what our customers are willing to
pay and what the products and technology are worth.

For this section we have tried to keep technical jargon to a minimum and briefly discribed the servises we offer.
Hosting and Domain name - Full assistance in choosing and purchasing high speed, highly reliable, secure hosting for your site and a .co.uk or .com domain name of your choice (subject to availability).
Bespoke Website Design (Basic) - Bespoke website design using basic technologies (such as HTML or XHTML) - 4-5 pages.
>>> Prices start from £270
Bespoke Website Design (Flash Presentation) - Bespoke website design using Flash technologies - 4-7 pages.
>>> Prices start from £490.
Bespoke Website Design (with Content Management System) - Enjoy the advantages of the self sufficient Content Management System (CMS). No need to apply to webmasters each time you need to change the content of your website. No additional fees for maintaining the site, no time to be lost waiting for an update. With CMS you can add, remove or edit content yourself through the secure administration portal. >>> Prices start just from £490
Website Maintenance - Full website maintenance - two ways: Pay-as-you-go ( any time you need to make changes to your existing website) - £15 or annual support - for £100 per year
Promotion - Escort Directories, Search Engines, Link Exchange
Banners - We can design impressive banners for you: Static Banner - free for our customers, Animated Banner - just £10 or Flash Animated Banner - just £15. >>> Samples here
Print Based Promotional Materials - Professional newspaper ads, business cards or any print based promotional materials design. >>>Prices start from £10. >>> Samples here
Universe Design is a registered trademark
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